Build data-driven web apps without writing code

With a spreadsheet interface, define and edit your data.

Create pages and forms in the online WYSIWYG editor.

Start using your app immediately - everything runs in the cloud.

Build your own
  • knowledge base
  • RMA portal
  • internal process
  • Q&A site
  • inventory tracker
  • moderation queue
  • product showcase
  • parts database
  • field-support portal
without writing code.


Don't spend valuable time fiddling with npm packages and configuring AWS. Fabrica handles cloud-hosting, user authentication, and other essential features out of the box.

Get started for free

With Fabrica, you can have your app up and running in minutes instead of weeks without paying a cent. And when you outgrow the free tier, paid plans start at $25/month.

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Batteries included

Let your users sign in with Google or Facebook. Set up view and edit permissions in just a few clicks. Create forms and paginated lists visually. We wrote the code so you don't have to.